At Rylee Faith Designs Boutique, we obviously love girls fashion and cute girls outfits, but we are also a business on a mission and love giving back. We love to live and give like no one else as the Lord has blessed us and told us to do. We are very passionate about V for Victory right here in our own backyard! While a lot of our donations are made privately, we wanted you to know that YOU are making a difference when YOU purchase from Rylee Faith Designs Boutique. 

V for Victory - Who are they?

V for Victory began in 2017 after a local business owner’s son was diagnosed with cancer. A cancer diagnosis shakes a family to it’s core, the family is faced with unthinkable uncertainties and challenges and yet the outside world, and every day responsibilities continue to move forward. This Jacksonville business (V Pizza) owner saw firsthand how deeply the entire family is impacted when a loved one is battling cancer and how overwhelming it can be to focus on something as simple as lawn service or cooking a meal or needing clothes. Using his background in business, he developed a unique model of service delivery. A non-profit dedicated to activating local businesses and individuals in support of families in their community. This life-changing event forged an unbreakable bond between V for Victory and V Pizza, and has made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of families battling cancer. As V Pizza continues to grow and expand into new communities, so does our reach, and V for Victory’s ability to serve and provide assistance to families battling cancer.

V for Victory Mission - What they do


But what does this look like in action? 

V for Victory coordinates services such as; car repairs for a local family, so that they have transportation to treatment; installing safety bars in a residence for an individual who is experiencing a loss of balance and suffered severe falls; or coordinating lawn care and home cleaning services for a family in and out of the hospital so they can focus their attention on treatments and their health.

Most of their funding comes directly from individuals in the community. Every customer who eats at any V Pizza restaurant has the opportunity to make a donation to V for Victory right on their receipt. 100% of all donations go directly to our family services! Other avenues of funding include donations made from individuals or local groups. Often churches, schools, or other local organizations make a donation in honor of a local family member or friend. They also receive support through fundraising events hosted on our behalf by local business partners.

V for Victory hosts one annual holiday fundraiser in December. This single fundraising event generates a significant portion of the funding that covers the services they provide in the following year and dictates how they budget their funds to ensure they serve all their families equitably.

Since most of their business partners offer a 50% discounted rate, every dollar that’s donated to V4V goes twice as far!

Rylee Faith Designs Boutique - How We Help - Cute Girls Clothes

2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

There is nothing more rewarding than being a girls online clothing boutique and seeing these little girls in our cute girls outfits.  We were blessed to donate boxes of items to help these families and hopefully make them feel beautiful during this terrible time.  V for Victory has a day where they do the girls makeup and dress them up and have a feel like a princess day.  We absolutely love helping make this day special for the girls!

cute girls outfits

"Our sweet girl received a beautiful gift in the mail today. She was so excited, She put the dress on and kept saying, "thank you V Pizza; I look beautiful". ❤ She doesn't quite understand what V for Victory does and how the partners work but is so happy and thankful for her new dress"
Thank you Rylee Faith Designs Boutique for helping make this happy moment happen!
cute girls outfits
Thank you V for Victory and Rylee Designs...Lily loves her new outfit 🥰

How YOU Can Help


There are several ways you can get involved with V for Victory as an individual including donations and volunteering. 

Make An Impact Today!

Rylee Faith Designs Boutique believes in giving back and helping people who need it. That is why we donate  a portion of our revenue back into the community, both in monetary donations and in kind donations. Our monetary donations go directly to V for Victory which has provided more than 18,000 direct services and free meals to local families. Thank you for your help in getting these families what they need. To learn more and to help us in our cause, visit V for Victory!

cute girls outfits


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