The first day of school is nearing all around the nation, and online clothing boutiques are stocking their shelves with back to school outfits! Oh, and you also need school supplies. It's time to grab your pencils, backpacks, and binders and we have the best selection of girls boutique clothes to make that part a bit easier.

To help your girls transition to their first day of school easier, we've compiled a list of tips and traditions. We've collected some items that work for us and our girls.  We definitely can help your girl look her best in her back to school girls boutique clothes.

Pick Out the Perfect First Day of School Girl's Boutique Clothes

Plan your wardrobe for the first day of school in advance.  Keep in mind that getting clothes for a new school year is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.  We want to help make it an easier time shopping online with prices everyone can afford.  First impressions are important and every girl wants to at least have input, if not complete deciding power when it comes to their first day clothes.  We have the best selection for moms buying and for little girls who want to wear them.  

Get a New Childs Alarm Clock

In this age of Apple iPhones and Android, it's easy to forget that most children don't have a built-in alarm clock. That's why there are new kids' alarm clocks which makes waking up a little more fun and a lot easier.  Our Rylee love this alarm clock.  Of course, it's not a magical alarm clock but anything to make the mornings easier is good by us.

Buy a New Backpack and New Shoes

It is important for kids to pick out their own backpack, with advice from adults.  Our kids are super simple and like the Under Armour backpacks. Be sure to label all school supplies, especially for younger kids.  This is also the year of Air Force 1.  We never had so much trouble trying to find shoes and both our kids ended up with the plain all white Air Force 1.  The one thing we love, they match every girls boutique outfit!

Pack Your Kids Favorite Lunch

Bring your child to the grocery store to pick out what snacks and lunches they have to have for school.  Kids at the grocery store is usually on the bottom of the list of things we want to do, but the kids do enjoy picking out their favorites for their own lunch.  Hungry kids are not happy kids and we want to give them their best chance at having a great day at school.

Plan a Last Weekend Before School Trip

This is one of those back to school traditions the whole family can enjoy. Live out the end of summer as best you can by having a last-minute family trip or have your own adventure. Throw a pool party, go to a neighborhood party, go camping in the backyard, or take a last-minute family beach vacation. We are in St Augustine, FL and love to go to our last minute beach spot in Hammock Beach.  It's close and we can do the beach, water park and then resort life all at one place.  Savor those final moments of freedom before the school and sports year begin!

Now that the lunches are picked out, backpacks and shoes shopped for, and girls boutique clothes are all laid out, there is one thing left to do—take that first day of school picture! Get up a little earlier and leave extra time in the morning to snap a memorable first day of school photo. This is a tradition that our family loves and most families partake in, and it's one you will always look back at and treasure.  Rylee Faith Designs wants to see your perfect girl and their perfect girls boutique outfit.  Submit to our website and we'll make a first day of school post of all our models!  Hope everyone has a GREAT first day and a GREAT school year!

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