Bubblegum Boutique Dress

Size: 9m (3XS)

Color: lilac pink

$ 11.00

$ 18.99

•Sizing: runs generous. • Includes dress only. •Accessories sold separately. •Accessories pictured: light pink pinwheel bows, all white chunky necklace, white flower sunnies. •Material: cotton blend. •Imported.

This dress was designed by us & is exclusive to our shop!

The standout feature of this dress is the adorable bubble gum print that adorns the fabric. Bursting with sweetness, it showcases whimsical bubblegum machines and colorful gum balls, bringing a delightful touch of nostalgia and fun to the design. The vibrant hues of the gum balls add a playful pop of color, creating a visually captivating ensemble. The top part of the dress boasts a shimmering lilac sparkle, which adds a touch of magic without the rough texture of actual glitter.