Free shipping - you want it. We offer it. You saw an ad on Instagram that caught your eye. You think, "Oh, I adore those boutique outfits for my girl!". You click the link & spend 20 minutes shopping those adorable clothes. You reach checkout & BOOM - shipping adds another $5-$10 to your order. What a disappointment!

Here at Rylee Faith Designs we offer FAST & FREE SHIPPING on every order! What you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs! We understand how frustrating the shopping experience can be when you aren't expecting another fee & much to your surprise, there is one - and typically a big one!

Not only is shipping free, but it's FAST! We ship all orders same day or next day. We know you don't want to wait - we don't either! When you see something you love & you purchase it, you want it NOW! That's why we offer you free shipping AND fast shipping on every order!  You might as well call us Amazon! 🤣

If you're looking for a girls boutique, give us a try. We will quickly become your favorite, guaranteed! We are extremely affordable, we offer exclusive designs you won't find anywhere else, and you receive your order incredibly fast! We have thousands of five star reviews. 


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