Baby Names

There are many choices that need to be made when you find out you are expecting: Things like choosing the best safety seat, cutest baby room decor, pricey vs. more economical baby crib, and what you will be calling your youngster for the rest of your, and their, life.

What is your baby’s name going to be? Does it need to have deep meaning? Should you go with a family name? Do you want a name that has an adorable nickname to go along with it? Is the baby name you love too popular, too unique?

I didn't believe this decision would be that tough for us. While my hubby and I were dating, we already decided on a little boy’s name. It would be my husband’s middle name, Carter, which I was in love with. He didn’t exactly LOVE that baby name but he was agreeable.  Naturally, with our first child, we were blessed with a precious baby GIRL!

I didn't desire to select a standard or common name and hubby didn't like the super various or edgy baby names. We opted to agree on combining family names! And so it was, her name became Rylee Faith!

As many girl moms do, I began dreaming of baby girl clothes, baby girl shoes, baby girl room decor and flower girl dresses the minute we found out she was a girl! My mind was wiped clean of the BOY things that had previously flooded it! She came into this world and the name we chose for that sweet baby girl fit her perfectly!

By the way, we did end up having a baby boy too. Yes, his name is Carter! :)


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