HOT!!! Moccasin Boots (brown)

$ 12.99 $ 29.99

***PLEASE see measurements & go by measurements....these are running  BIG***


Size 0-6 months - Approx. 4.75" Heel to Toe 
Size 6-12 months - Approx. 5.25" Heel To Toe 
Size 12-18 months - Approx. 5.5" Heel to Toe 
Size 18-24 months - Approx. 6" Heel to Toe


You asked for it.....they are FINALLY here!!! Our baby moccasin boots are absolutely ADORABLE!!! They have a velcro opening making them super easy to get on & STAY on baby's feet!!! The have soft soles & are perfect for babies learning how to walk! These are genuine leather, true moccasin boots! 

Baby moccasin boots retail for OVER $40!!! Get them here for just $12.99....YES $12.99!!! These are super trendy right now & while we have quite the inventory, we do not expect them to stay on the shelves. Do NOT wait if you want a pair of these. Shop TODAY for best selection!!!